Yafi developement continuations.
Two things have recently happened.
1) Yafi for J2ME source code has been put on the GitHub. You may fork it from here: Yafi for J2ME on GitHub.
2) Yafi for Android issue tracker was created. Feel free to report bugs or request features.


Yafi for Android available for direct download.
If you don't have Android Market (Google Play) installed on your device, you can get it directly here:
Yafi - Internet Chess


Yafi for Android available on the Market!
You may download Yafi for your Android device here: Yafi - Internet Chess


Yafi works on PlayStation Portable!
filleartificielle of FICS sent photos of Yafi working on PSP.
All you need is PSPKVM - Java ME Virual Machine for PlayStation Portable.


Version 0.2.5 adds few minor features.

We plan to redesign user interface in 0.3 series.
We are looking for graphics designer to help improve Yafi look and feel.


Version 0.2.4 is now available. Versions optimised for different display sizes are prefered download. The only difference between them are sizes of piece images.

Even more bugs are fixed and few could be added. Let us know if you find any weird behaviour.


Version 0.2.3 has been released. It fixes many bugs.
New photos of this version has also been added.

Thanks to all users who help with this project - most notably GreatSachin, cytrus and siggemannen.


Version 0.2.1 of Yafi has just been released. This is a development version, but should be twice as stable as 0.1.5.

It contains many improvements including new screens (chat, seek, match, sought), login screen with touchscreen support, optional password storing, showing status while logging in.


First stable version (0.1.5) of Yafi has been released. Go to downloads section to get it.

Information about this new FICS interface has been added in the FICS news and download on freechess.org